Journey – How to meet an specific partner

Journey is a very nice game produced by ThatGameCompany.

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How to meet a friend and play together.

You can find more players at: Journey Secret Places Community at PlayStation Network.

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Journey How to choose partner - How to play Journey with a friend

About Journey.

Journey is an extremely interesting and very nice game created by ThatGameCompany.

You stroll by an extremely beautiful world and get ability to fly.
The most amazing is that this game gives an incredible sense of peace and well-being without shots, and with few dangers.

A bright idea of producers  is that the game has only 3 command, “walk” in the direction you want, “jump” which then becomes “fly” and “speak” which actually consists of a sound , short or long.
Nothing else!

There is no instruction manual, no one tells you what you should do.
Therefore, highly recommend that you start playing without anyone’s help. Go discovering your Journey world.

Do not read anyting! Do not ask! The wonderful is going discovering for yourself.

In phases where the solution seems very difficult you can go to a community and ask what to do but, if you need help, you will probably get help in the game. Of course, I will not tell you how it happens…

This game is for all ages, but the older you are, more wisdom you have, more you get involved. It’s totally different.

The game brings an incredible sense of peace and a great challenge.

After playing it you feel lighter, less tired, but it is a sweeping challenge.
It makes you want to not stop until you reach the end.

The manufacturer had the good sense not explain anything. This opens up great debates about its meaning.

Ah! and you will not play once!
Every new attempt, new discoveries.

A detail: buy the game! In playstation costs les than U$ 10.00 and allows you to resume the game where you left off. Worth every cent.

After you have already completed at least once, be sure to get in one of our communities:

  • Journey UTC-3 Portugues, Espanhol e English.
  • Journey Secret Places.
    In that one,  you will find that the game reserve several “secret” areas with more exciting rides but nothing compared to just throw it!


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